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This is the question that many people asked when they see the lesbian action. This lesbian life is so mysterious, and we are curious to know how those lesbians do their life and about sexual feelings?

Why lesbian’s sex is so intense?

First of all, men forget the preliminaries moment and don’t understand the way that lesbian makes love. In fact, the woman doesn’t feel this desire to make in love. There is no tenderness, and it is like a porn action with no romanticism. In contrary, love lesbian action give importance to the preliminary act and spend time to make love with intense pleasure. Too much careless and every word became a whisper. They did some erotic massage to relax each over’s body. In that moment, there is a real intimidate relationship between both, and they create a real link with her partner. They do many positions by standing or seating and they just don’t complicate their life. Every step will be mixed and there is no precise order when lesbian fuck sex together. Women don’t want to learn to talk each other but to appreciate the girl on girl porn with the best moment that they pass together.

The lesbian destination

There are always be a wall between society and lesbian practice. People don’t accept this decision and even we let them free, there is a lot of things that we don’t like with them. They kissed is not so serious and their touched is making the hetero action so ridiculous, and they make love without no orgasm but for the pleasure. But being in a relationship with a woman is not allowed. It must be an error. You tend to believe them because you are conditioned to doubt yourself and to trust others. You will doubt of your sexual orientation for many years, because you will not have been taught to get your own desire.

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